Las Vegas Sedation Dentistry for Kids

At Dr. B’s, we practice Las Vegas Sedation Dentistry is part of our care. We are happy to report that most kids are quite comfortable receiving dental treatment at our office. It has been the ultimate compliment to have mothers/fathers mention going into an appointment that their little one is uncooperative with dentists, only to watch the family leave pleasantly surprised by the smooth experience that has just occurred. When it comes to kids sedation dentistry, Dr. Baggaley has that magic touch.

The best way to help your child be comfortable with the associated noises, sensations and general experience of a dental appointment is to start bringing them in for preventative care, on a regular basis, while they are young. However, it is important to keep in mind that every child responds differently in the dental office. A 5-year-old might sit stoically for a filling while the 12-year-old in the next room is anxious and defiant. For those who do struggle, the simplest and most common techniques Dr. B will use include positive reinforcement, a calm and controlled voice, and a tell-show-do approach to procedures. When the “fear factor” of a patient overrides such techniques, Sedation Dentistry can be helpful to maintain comfort during treatment.

There are many sedation dentistry methods that Dr. B uses to help the children feel comfortable. Nitrous Oxide (a combination of oxygen and nitrous oxide) is the most common medicine used and is administered through a breathing mask placed over the child’s nose. The gas allows them to relax, remain conscious and maintain all natural reflexes. Because it is mild, non-addicting, fast acting, and fast exiting, it is a popular choice among pediatric dentists and a mild step in sedation dentisry.

When “laughing gas” is not enough, our next step at Dr. B’s Las Vegas Sedation Dentistry for Kids is to try conscious sedation by giving an in-office, oral dose of Meperidine. This is a great way to avoid the expense and hassle of general anesthesia if your child is a proper candidate. After swallowing a small dose of liquid, our patients sit with mom or dad and wait for the sedation medication to take effect. The child remains responsive throughout treatment, but is very relaxed (feeling little or no pain) and may remember very little about the procedure afterward. As with general anesthesia, fasting is required prior sedation dentistry as well as close supervision following the treatment.

Whatever method is required to care for your little ones, we will make sure that we find a way to get the job done. It is our joy at Dr. B’s Las Vegas Sedation Dentistry for Kids to keep your kids smiling brightly and healthfully all year long.

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