Dr. B’s Dentistry for Children: Tips for Helping Children Brush Their Teeth

So many parents can commiserate that getting our little ones to brush their teeth is a daily battle.  First and foremost, we at Dr. B’s Dentistry for Children want to thank you, our patient parents, for being our fearless warriors in making sure that oral hygiene is happening.  Dr. B has three spunky kids of his own and feels empathy for the energy that is often required of you.  Keep up the good work.

Sometimes shifting just a few elements of the brushing experience is enough to convert a battle into a ball.  The tips listed below are geared toward younger children, with whom it is more difficult to bargain.  That said, know that our teen patients are at high risk for dental carries because they tend toward sugary snacks/beverages and often still forego adequate brushing habits.    Car, cell phone and hand held electronics are powerful bargaining chips with this age group.

For our younger pediatric patients at Dr. Baggaley’s office, try one or more of the following tips:

  1. Purchase a toothbrush that excites your child.  Kids love brushes that boast their favorite hero/character and the littlest ones are fascinated by light-up varieties.
  2. Spin brushes are a great choice for young patients who do not have the manual dexterity to clean the tooth surface properly.
  3. Have your child choose a nightly song and play it while they brush (2+ minutes).  When the song ends they will know they have finished.
  4. Practice taking turns with toddlers by offering a you-brush-then-I-brush scenario.
  5. Let your child brush your teeth and make it silly so they connect brushing with fun.
  6. Brush as a family side by side, modeling the hygiene habits you want you kids to adopt.
  7. Kids like routine, so make brushing times specific and stick to a daily schedule.
  8. Older kids often enjoy a mouth rinse that colors their teeth, showing them where to continue brushing.
  9. Purchase toothpaste that suits your child’s tastes.
  10. Make a reward chart that your children can take pride in.  They will love to watch themselves move closer to a cherished incentive.
  11. Buy colorful, hand-held flossers that allow them to more easily tidy between teeth.
  12. START EARLY.  At Dr. B’s Dentistry for Children we notice that the kids who don’t remember NOT brushing, accept oral hygiene as a natural part of every-day life.

Dr. Baggaley and his friendly staff are here to help you, our wonderful patient families.  Our goal is to have the most accessible and available Dentistry for Children possible.  Never hesitate to call with concerns, stop in with questions or just give us a shout out to tell us something new and exciting about your adorable child.

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